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51 Degrees Mobi Mvc Conference

51 degrees mobi mvc conference


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51 Degrees Mobi Mvc Conference, l'industrie agroalimentaire au maroc pdf free


You only need to use the ViewEngine you need, so if you aren't using WebForms, don't bother with those lines. This can be deleted. .. To use the new features of MVC4 youll need to remove some of the configuration from Take your website to a whole new level. x of course being the index value. Right click on your project in the Solution Explorer and select Manage Nuget Packages, then search for 51Degrees.


At the end you demoed a project that Steven Sanderson sent you. Comment: Please enter comment. Now, If I have custom logic to resolve the view path all I have to do is create a new Strategy and register it in the ViewEngine. The detection is using the standard Browser.IsMobileDevice call from ASP.NET, so consider using a browser database like (also on CodePlex, and NuGet). The following screen shot shows views created for Android, iPhone and generic mobile. 1. But first we need to get MVC4. 2016 Microsoft. The viewengine starts with the very first displaymode in the Displaymodes which is at index 0 and iterates through the Displaymodes until a matching display mode is found.So far I have found the safest way to explain it is to give every insert an index of 0, and treat it like a stack (LIFO) So given these inserts in this order in code (no context to keep it simple) DisplayModes.Modes.Insert(0, new DefaultDisplayMode("Mobile")DisplayModes.Modes.Insert(0, new DefaultDisplayMode("Tablet")DisplayModes.Modes.Insert(0, new DefaultDisplayMode("AndroidTablet")The veiwengine would evaluate for AndroidTablet if that fails go to Tablet, the evaluate for mobile.It is worth mentioning here that there already is a default DefaultDisplayMode("Mobile") already baked into the framework.


EventsBuildBUILD2011 Progressively enable the mobile web with ASP.NET MVC 4, HTML5, and jQueryMobile Date: September 15, 2011 from 9:00AMto10:00AM Day 3 Jolt TOOL-803T Speakers: Phil Haack Average: 5 (8) 20 comments reddit Tweet 1 hour, 1 minute, 14 seconds format embed queue Sign In first to access your queue. This last month, Jon, John, Peter and I updated NerdDinner to MVC 3 with Razor and a pile of other new features. For each view you will need DefaultDisplayMode: DisplayModeProvider.Instance.Modes.Insert(0, new DefaultDisplayMode("iphone") { ContextCondition = Context => Context.Request.Browser["HardwareModel"] == "iPhone" }); A DefaultDisplayMode features a name (iphone in this case) and a condition. To set the conditions for which view is used for which purpose some code needs to go into the ApplicationStart event. Installs powered by the Microsoft Web Platform InstallerThe product(s) you are about to install leverage the Web Platform Installer (WebPI) for installation. That's why in MVC 4 it's a first class thing and doesn't fit in that list. Follow us ch9 Subscribe to Channel 9 Sign In Channel9 Browse Tags Shows Series Blogs Authors Events Topics Coding4Fun Windows Azure Visual Studio DevOps Microsoft Mechanics MVPs Forums Coffeehouse Site Feedback Tech Off Build Events WinHEC Visual Studio TechEd Build Microsoft Ignite Azure Speakers . I had to remove this additionalViewEngines.Engines.Insert(0, new MobileCapableRazorViewEngine());inside Global.asax since we now have it in MobileViewEnginesBootstrapper.csDimitri NikolarosTuesday, October 25, 2011 11:25:11 PM UTCWhat's the best way to tweak this to allow BB? Works great on iphone/ipad so far, but it is still showing non-mobile mvc Views on BB Torch.Dimitri NikolarosThursday, November 29, 2012 1:16:08 PM UTCHiWhen I use this on a MVC3 project in combination with OutputCache (location="Server") and a long duration, whichever device hits the app first will fill the cache so that both desktop and mobile gets the same content.


DisplayModes is an and Modes.Insert is a standard insert with an index and item. About Us Blog Basket Account Sign In Products Device Detection Device Detection Know what device every visitor is using to visit your website. Your MCV4 application will now inspect each device for those conditions and send them to the right view. Try again? Sign In to subscribe to this conversation What does this mean? Subscriptions allow us send you email notifications when new content is added. He is a failed stand-up comic, a cornrower, and a book author. Read More Downloads DownloadsAll the technical support developers need to use our device detection products.Read More Property Dictionary Property DictionaryBrowse the full list of properties available in 51Degrees device detection solutions. Name: Please enter your name. 4bc16de163

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